About Us

A Little Bit About Me

Hello all, my name is Dr. Jerrod Killian and I’m a retired U.S. Army Veterinarian. I’ve always loved dogs including my Golden Retriever Jesse that traveled the world with me. Having to let Jesse go due to chronic illness truly crushed me. We buried her next to the cabin my wife, three sons and I built. I often visit her and look up at the stars knowing that she goes on. I included the word “Passages” because I believe the road doesn’t end for our pets and that love finds a way. Just like we honor Jesse, I will help you honor your loved one.

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  • Virtual Quality of Life Assessment
  • Virtual Consultation

    Let our veterinarians visit your home through Zoom video conferencing (or regular phone call) to discuss your pet’s quality of life.

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  • Remote Vet Exam

    We will collect and review your veterinary records, carefully listen to your concerns, observe your fur baby, and then talk through key indicators such as appetite, mobility, comfort, sleep, and happiness.

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  • Provide Guidance and Craft a Plan

    We’ll provide practical advice on pain control, diagnostic testing, when euthanasia may be a good option, and how to plan for a gentle passage.

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Disclaimer: In accordance with Texas Law, we cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe medications without having an in-person physical examination. If you are still seeking a diagnosis, therapy, or prescription medication, please visit your full-service veterinarian. Our goal is to provide general guidance based on your concerns and the quality of life of your pet.

Our Services


  • Gentle Euthanasia
  • Pre-euthanasia sedation

    An injection with a small needle under the skin that is calming and helps a gentle passage

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  • Euthanasia

    Roughly 15 minutes after the Pre-euthanasia sedation, this final injection in a vein completes the passage within one or two minutes

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  • Clay Paw

    If you desire, a keepsake and loving memory of your furry family member.

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  • Assistance with transport for aftercare

    We transport your pet to Fond Memories Pet Cemetery & Crematorium. Please see their website for options. https://www.fondmemoriespcc.com/

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Our Testimonials


When do I know it’s time?

There’s usually not a perfect answer to this question. If your pet is clearly suffering from a debilitating disease such as severe arthritis, where the quality of life is poor, then the decision may be clearer. Often though, it’s an overall Quality of Life decision.
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Why use a home euthanasia service?

Pets are more relaxed in their own homes, in the comfort of their own bed, surrounded by families they love. Compare this to the stress and fear often associated with a car ride and a busy veterinary clinic.
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How to prepare for a gentle passage?

Feel free to feed a favorite meal (if they can still enjoy it). Select a place where you would prefer the euthanasia to take place. For example, we can perform the euthanasia on a favorite doggy bed.
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