“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose; All that we love deeply becomes part of us” – Helen Keller

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When do I know it’s time?

There’s usually not a perfect answer to this question. If your pet is clearly suffering from a debilitating disease such as severe arthritis, where the quality of life is poor, then the decision may be clearer. Often though, it’s an overall Quality of Life decision. If your furry family member’s bad days outnumber their good days, then their suffering and pain may be overwhelming their ability to enjoy life. Pet parents know their pets better than anyone. You will be able to tell when they are not feeling good and able to enjoy life. I will be able to help you with this determination with a Quality of Life examination. Please, do not feel guilty for having to make this decision. Letting your furry family member pass is one of the most loving acts you’ll ever make. Your decision is grounded in love and the desire to end pain and suffering.

Why use a home euthanasia service?

Pets are more relaxed in their own homes, in the comfort of their own bed, surrounded by families they love. Compare this to the stress and fear often associated with a car ride and a busy veterinary clinic. Unfortunately, I took my Golden Retriever Jesse to a busy clinic where I didn’t know anyone. While the folks at the clinic were very nice, the whole process was stressful for Jesse and my family. It’s a very emotional time and meeting new people in a busy clinic was not pleasant. Honestly, emotions overwhelmed me and I don’t remember much after my Jesse was euthanized on a cold stainless-steel exam table. I held her head up and we were eye-to-eye. Sadly, I saw her brief moment of fear as she quickly lost consciousness. Seeing her last look of fear was tough. With Gentle Pet Passages, we use a pre-euthanasia sedative to help ensure your pet gently passes. This gentle passage is critically important and personal to me. We want your pet to see a loving family, feel your touch, and peacefully drift off to sleep.

How to prepare for a gentle passage?

Feel free to feed a favorite meal (if they can still enjoy it). Select a place where you would prefer the euthanasia to take place. For example, we can perform the euthanasia on a favorite doggy bed, under a favorite tree in the yard, anywhere your heart tells you. A comfortable and peaceful setting is the goal. Since loss of bladder and bowel control is natural during a euthanasia, please have an old blanket or towel that you can place under your furry loved one. If you have family, friends or other pets that you would like to be with you, they are welcome to attend as well.

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory, no one can steal”

From an Irish headstone